New Englander, Harry Bernard, Expressionist, Contemporary Fine Artist, Painter, Printmaker, Photographer and the Original Finder of Urban Street Creatures.

Self-taught artist, Harry Bernard, is a painter
and printmaker, working in the mediums of oil, acrylic, collage, monotype, digital prints, and digital mono-printing. He and his wife Pam, an artist and writer, worked in a studio in South Boston's Fort Point Artists' community for over twenty-five years.

For the almost fifteen years his work has centered around the theme WasHere, which incorporates found objects collected from various places and used to expand his unique iconography. For instance, a coffee spill on a street in Boston may resemble a person or an animal (see About The Art section) and is photographed for later use, and in this way is brought into an iconic realm. A phrase from a song may be incorporated, as well as children's drawings, or images of masks from around the world. Each work is a spontaneously created collage of these found images and combined with graphite drawing and acrylic or oil painting methods. Bernard brings these techniques to his printmaking so that large scale paintings and small mono-types resonate as part of the total body of work.

Mom Returned As...We just added several new galleries to the site to bring the site up to date. These include “Newer Paintings” and and five new galleries WasHere Tunder the Monotype tab in the navigation tabs. New inclusions are “Mom returned as… ”, “WasHere Valos”, “WasHere T”, “WasHere A”, “WasHere II”, and “WasHere Also”. All of the new work, created over the past year and a half, resides under the umbrella (theme) WasHereAlso“WasHere” which has been Harry’s focus for a decade and a half. A good portion of this work is still available for purchase directly, prior to up and coming show scheduled for this Summer and Fall.