New Englander, Harry Bernard, Expressionist, Contemporary Fine Artist, Painter, Printmaker, Photographer and the Original Finder of Urban Street Creatures.

Street People One
Street People Two
Steet Animal Oe
Street Amimal Two
Street People Three
Now we come to the beginnings of the Art UnderFoot series.

In the 7 x 5.4 foot painting titled WasHere 1.3, there was a area at the upper left (see detail) that was dark and reminded me of a fence.  For some reason I thought of the soldier in WWII who went around Europe drawing a cartoon of a person looking over a fence and signed it Kilroy Has Here.

Original WasHere PaintingSo I added a tiny Kilroy to the painting. Right below that, behind the orange face, you can find the Shadow Figure, and center right is my own street creature animal spill. I didn't write Kilroy Was Here, but rather I shortened it and used it in as the title. To bring it up-to-date, I made it into look like sort of a domain name. A name with no spaces: WasHere.

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